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From the archives - September 2007

TUPE: stay your hand

A Court of Session ruling on a law firm redundancy marks a fundamental change in TUPE

Nothing new under the sun

Multi-diciplinary practices are coming, and present opportunities for small firms as well as large to improve their prospects for the future

ABS - Actual Benefit Soon?

Different solicitors' opinions as to whether the public will benefit from alternative business structures, plus a proposed scheme for regulating MDPs

A chance to succeed?

The Scottish Law Commission has new proposals to align the system of prior and legal rights with modern social conditions

Killing in company

The main provisions and likely practical impact of the new legislation on corporate homicide

Longer arm of the law

An overview of the work of Eurojust, a collaboration of EU prosecutors and judges, and its relationship with other law enforcement agencies

Agents... a commercial view

A recent House of Lords decision has clarified the approach to be taken when assessing the compensation due to a commercial agent on termination of their agreement

Bad language

Author calls on lawyers to be alert to the implications of the choice of language in expert reports, and reports on recommended best practice from Canada in writing reports

Remote gambling - all bets off?

A host of legal issues concern the remote, or online, gaming industry, and much has happened within the past year at home and abroad

What makes a team?

Using their experience of Diploma students working on virtual transactions, the authors identify different styles of working and assess their strengths and weaknesses

Managing the fraud risk

Having a sound strategy is key to effective management of risk, and no less so when addressing the vulnerability of law firms to the risk of fraud

Duties to the court

Latest civil cases, including assigned diets; remit to the sheriff court; caution; amendment; recall of decree of divorce; expenses; proof of insolvency

Copycats: another nine lives?

The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive seeks to outlaw copycat packaging among other practices, but the draft UK regulations would have few teeth

Activity in the courts

A roundup of the most important decisions on agricultural law from those issued in recent months

Invoking the UCCJEA

Enforcement in the USA of orders relating to children has become simpler under a scheme enacted in 1996, but care must still be taken over its adoption by each state

The men in black

Recent cases involving top footballers highlight the growing use of arbitration in resolving disputes with (or between) sporting bodies

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Repots relating to John Atuahene; Michael Alan Grant McNiven; Marie Angelo Land; Paul Francis Belton, Shahid Sattar Pervez and Celine Bell

Website reviews

The House of Lords website, and others relating to the House

Book reviews

Review of Law, Practice and Conduct for Solicitors (Paterson and Ritchie)

Big names, big issues for annual conference

Preview of this year's In-house Lawyers Group Annual General Meeting and Symposium

Meet the Committee: Cameron Ritchie

Profile of In-house Lawyers Group committee member

Contaminated land - where are we now?

Two recent English cases highlight the significance of the contaminated land regime, and the need for the greatest care over the history of land in any transaction