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From the archives - January 2008

More than just a new year

President's message: important changes will take place in 2008, but the Society is already planning for 2010 and beyond in order to keep pace with what it foresees by then

Let youth have its say

The Scottish Young Lawyers Association calls on all young lawyers to contribute from their experience to the consultation on alternative business structures

"You sort it out"

Interview with Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill on his view that the profession should produce the blueprint for the future of legal services, and other issues

A Colossus in the room

Settlement negotiations in personal injury cases, and the Pre-Action Protocol, are being undermined by insurers relying on a software program designed to reduce their costs

ARTL cometh

An update from Registers of Scotland on the pending rollout of Automated Registration of Title to Land

Letter from South Africa

Latest cases show the courts in the UK and South Africa continuing to grapple with issues arising from the Child Abduction Convention

Lay justice reborn

The third article on the summary justice reforms considers the changes in court structures and the lay justice court being phased in under the new legislation

Power flows

A look at what is still the potential for future development of hydroelectric power, and some of the key regulatory, environmental and legal issues

Year of the Commission

An update on preparations for the coming of the Scottish Legal Complaints Cimmission

Society's gambit

Law Society of Scotland supports schools chess tournament

Specialist accreditation for private client tax

The Society has recently approved a new specialist accreditation, for private client tax practitioners

Down to brass tacks

The Society's education and training review is about to enter the stage of presenting detailed policy proposals for comment and feedback

Step up for Brussels office

The UK Law Societies' joint Brussels office is moving to new and better premises closer to the key decision makers in the EU

From the Brussels office

Briefings on the office head; the Charter of Fundamental Rights; and the negotiations on new rules for agency workers and working time

Small is doable

The real threats to small practices are the problem of recruiting, and looming succession issues. But there are strategies that can, and should, be adopted now

Watching their diets

Latest civil cases, including court timetabling; the instance; amendment; recovery of documents; family cases appeals; expenses; antisocial behaviour closure orders

2008: let the fun commence

Some headline developments over the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, and the rollout of test purchasing

Act going to plan

Draft regulations seek to define the various levels of planning application in the hierarchy under the 2006 Act

Preferential treatment?

The English courts have been grappling with the question whether a financial award on divorce amounts to an unfair preference in bankruptcy

Giving it the works

A new procedure for scrutinising major transport projects in Scotland is now in force, with applications going before a dedicated unit rather than a parliamentary committee

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Paul Robert Anderson; Carl Alexander Crone; Hamish Louden Melrose; Neil Iain Woodrow

"Charity begins at home" - but does it?

Some practical advice on dealing with the divergence between the Scottish and English definitions of charity

Website reviews

Review of the CJ Scotland site for criminal lawyers

Book reviews

Review of The Law of Contract in Scotland (McBryde)

Freedom has its boundaries

The Information Commissioner has ruled on the extent of protection applying to information obtained during grievance or disciplinary proceedings

Pointing which way?

The Information Commissioner's decision to order release of the PFI contract for Edinburgh Royal Infirmary is not the landmark that some appear to believe

There may be trouble ahead

Author's view that current practice as to conveyancing of common parts in housing developments is of doubtful validity and could be storing up trouble for the future