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From the archives - October 2008

IHT: spouses and the nil rate band

How to make the most of the spousal exemption for inheritance tax, in conjunction with the new provisions allowing transfer of the nil rate band

Taking up the message

President's message: the Society continues to press the Scottish Government with the profession's concerns, particularly over home reports and the economic situation

SGM: support for review process

Reply to the September Opinion column, arguing that the August special general meeting clearly supported the legal aid review group's work

Rebuilding to order?

Contributions on the future for the property market and financial services in Scotland, the cause of the credit crunch, and the legal market in the USA

Nipped in the bud?

As the Complaints Commission begins work, solicitors appear to be revising their procedures to reduce the risk of a formal complaint, as a downward trend indicates

Hearing better

The government proposals on the children's hearing system are likely to effect improvements, but further measures should be included

Dubai: an ever-expanding market

Outline of the rules relating to foreign companies seeking to operate in Dubai, where international law firms are increasingly looking to do business

When is a discharge not a discharge?

The Registers page: problems with discharges where there has been a subdivision of land

Out of the hot seat

Interview with Douglas Mill, outgoing chief executive of the Society, on the rapid changes over his time in office, and why he is optimistic for the future

Site to behold

Introducing the relaunched Journal Online website, with added features and more interactive than its predecessor

Now for the real thing

Firm policy proposals for the future of legal education and training are about to be unveiled, following the Society's two year long review

Navigating the perfect storm

The current financial climate is no ordinary recession, and in order to survive, a law firm needs to be clear about its business model and its means of achieving it

Data, personal data and statistics

The first FOI case to reach the House of Lords has done little to clarify the relationship between the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts

Caring about sharing

Author considers whether the recommendations in a report on data sharing are likely to improve public trust and confidence in the practice

Rainmaker - or cloud on the horizon?

Risk and risk management issues associated with new colleagues, especially partners appointed through lateral hires

The limits of belief

Latest criminal cases, including reasonable belief; partnerships; judicial interventions; child witnesses; public indecency

Process queries

Now six months old, the new bankruptcy regime has raised questions of practice which still await an answer

From agreement to obligation

Significant changes to the law covering planning agreements will be effected when the 2006 Planning Act comes into force

Ganging up on exploitation

The first case, a Scottish one, under the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004 shows a get-tough attitude on the part of the licensing authority

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Deryck de Maine Beaumont; Edward Lindsay Acton

Website review

Review of some websites of local solicitors' groups

Book reviews

Review of Criminal Law (Jones & Christie), 4th ed

Up for the big event

Preview of this year's In-house Lawyers Group AGM and Symposium, which features a typically high-quality programme

Old lessons hold good

A reminder of the special features of conveyancing transactions involving insolvencies, including some that have been added in recent years

The revolution starts here?

Introducing the Property Standardisation Group's form of offer to sell an investment property, which borrows from English practice

CML Handbook: why the fuss?

Reply from the Council of Mortgage Lenders to the Society's advice concerning the revised instructions relating to new-build properties