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From the archives - November 2008

Support where it's needed

President's message: the Society is leaving no stone unturned in trying to support solicitors' firms through the present economic difficulties

Prevention or cure?

Two pleas for more support from the Society for small firms struggling with the burden of financial compliance; and the Society's perspective

Gearing up for change

With home reports imminent, the Society's James Ness is interviewed about the points that emerged from the recent roadshows

A time for support

Practical issues that arise when progressing an application for guardianship

Foreign companies and the Registers

Applications on behalf of foreign companies need certain additional steps to satisfy the Keeper of the status of the body concerned

Sensitive relations

Story of the parties to one paternity suit raises questions whether the law fully recognises the rights and interests of the child concerned

New course for the courts

The Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Bill and the main points which attracted attention in the Scottish Parliament

Adjudication – 10 years on

A quantity surveyor who has conducted adjudications since their inception 10 years ago, reflects on how they have developed

Jack's story

Appeals to education appeal committees still raise the concerns expressed years ago by the Scottish Committee of the Council on Tribunals

Professional Practice Committee

Revised Guideline on Settlement by Cheque etc (1 November 2008); and an amendment to the Guideline on Ownership and Destruction of Files

Sourcing our future

Three involved in Widening Participation (helping young people from different backgrounds consider a legal career) share their experiences

Data security begins at home

Most businesses (including legal practices) are as vulnerable to data loss as the government departments that make the headlines

Going equipped

Society's "toolkit" of action points and useful contacts at the Society, to help solicitors manage their businesses through the recession

Bonus round

Are solicitor small businesses claiming their entitlement to a business rates reduction? Here are the conditions

Nothing But Delivery

This year's Nothing But The Net conference lived up to the event's reputation for delivering to key decision makers

Checking out checklists

How checklists can support in various ways the effective management of the risk of oversight or omission

The final word

Latest civil cases, including title to sue; prorogation; forum non conveniens; summary decree; undue delay; extracts and appeals; liquidation

Redundancy: an age old issue?

The age discrimination rules bring a new twist when considering an employer's redundancy scheme

Cohabitation update

Two decisions have now been issued on s 28 cohabitation claims, one at least of which provides some guidance to practitioners

Inventive judging?

The UK courts and the European Patent Office may be edging towards a common position on when a computer program should be patentable

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Alastair Keith Christie; James McRae; Steven Brown

Website review

Review of the Consumer Focus Scotland website

Book reviews

Reviews of Gaming in Pubs and Clubs (McGowan); The Contract of Employment (Brodie); Releasing the Dogs of Law (e-book, Brennan)

Beating the credit crunch

Outsourcing still has scope for growth despite the economic slowdown, but some trends within the market are not yet settled

Keeping a clean sheet

Unexplored issues remain regaring the extent of the Keeper's powers, duties and liabilities where a title appears to be defective

Battening down in buy-to-let

As mortgage lenders rapidly retreat from the buy-to-let market, pressured borrowers must not overlook the fine print