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From the archives - December 2008

Sale and purchase agreements – how to avoid the unexpected

Care needs to be taken when drafting sale and purchase agreements, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises

2008: a year of change; 2009: a year for progress

President's message: it is time to look ahead from the challenges of 2008, to how we can create opportunities in 2009

Law: it's the business

Government and all those involved in the legal system need to work together to attract more business to Scotland

Business makeover

The message from the High Street Conference: if you are small and flexible, you are well placed to create the means to beat the recession

Training plus

The different trainee mentoring schemes operated by three firms, all aiming to provide a full learning and support environment

Registers update

Registers of Scotland briefings on the coming of electronic scanning; shared office with the SDLT team; house price figures

Public service

Edited version of Lord Clyde's keynote address on judicial review, to the Murray Stable conference on Public Law in Scotland

One of a kind

Why the Airdrie Savings Bank has remained independent, and its vision of the future

Brussels sprouts more eco-law

Those concerned with the chemical or farming industries should be alert to new measures proposed or about to be adopted by the EU

Test yourself

Just for fun, courtesy of the Society's Ofice Bearers, the Journal brings you a Christmas Quiz

Trainees try again

Some trainees who had their training contracts cancelled because of the recession, have succeeded in finding alternative places

Terms of Business Guidance Note (November 2008)

Summary of the Dean of Faculty's advice to the Society on matters relating to the banking crisis

Guideline: Scanning and Archiving Documents (November 2008)

Professional Practice Committee guidance on electronic storage of client files, and related terms of engagement

Client, or customer?

Thinking of "clients" as "customers" might encourage the type of relationship that secures repeat business

The changing faces of fraud

ID fraudsters are changing their operating methods, and users of social networking sites should be doubly careful about posting personal details

Business advice roundup

Suggestions for cutting telecoms costs; and taking early advice on maintaining cash flow

The year that crunched

The year 2008 from the perspective of risk and risk management, and emerging risk concerns as we head into 2009

The anatomy of law firm failures

A study of law firm failures in the USA has identified contributing factors that could apply in almost any jurisdiction

Chapter and verse

Database right is back in the news following an ECJ ruling on anthologies of German poetry

The power of agreement

Two recent decisions show the power which agreement (or acceptance) and actings can have over statutory and contractual provisions

Under a cloud

Cases involving raised testosterone levels highlight the need for anti-doping principles and procedures to be kept under constant review

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Norman Douglas Paton Cathcart; James Buchanan Donald; William Michael Lewis; Christine Margaret Murray

ECJ in the fast lane

Recent developments mean that an ECJ ruling could be obtained more quickly in some cases than an appeal decision from the Inner House

Website review

Reviews of a selection of websites pertaining to the criminal law

Book reviews

Reviews of Bankruptcy and Diligence Act (Grier); Contract (MacQueen & Thomson); Vulnerable Witnesses Act (Sharp & Ross)

Tender trouble

Guidance on avoiding pitfalls and resolving challenges in relation to public procurement, and the impact of the new Remedies Directive

Opportunity beckons, Smart tells symposium

Vice president's address to in-house lawyers: Scots lawyers need no longer be inward looking

Public money or bust?

The Crosby report suggests that without significant state backing, recovery in the housing market will be a long time coming