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From the archives - February 2008

Members will decide

President's message: the Society's members must have the final say in the policy for the future of the profession and in proposed standards of conduct and service

Take a firm approach

Opinion that it is possible to regulate the proposed new forms of business structure, but it requires a whole new, and more modern, approach

Pastures new

Interviews with Richard Keen, Colin Boyd and Michael Jones on professional relationships between solicitors and advocates, and possible new career paths

A breach of protocol

Why the Voluntary Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury Cases is not working as it should to encourage early settlement of claims

Creating real burdens in developments

The Keeper recommends that solicitors use deeds of conditions rather than dispositions to create real burdens, if the burdens are to be mutually enforceable

Man with a mission

Interview with Lord Gill to find out what is shaping the thoughts of the Civil Courts Review, as it reaches the consultation paper stage

A timeless Act

A key ruling of the House of Lords has clarified the rights of those who claim to be victims of an ultra vires act of the Scottish Ministers

Cost in a competitive market

First of two articles on the 2007 Cost of Time Survey highlights the impact on a firm's cost base of developing an efficient structure of fee earners

Julia is new Brussels head

Julia Bateman has been appointed head of the Society's Brussels office

Andrew joins education team

Andrew Phillips is the Society's new Deputy Director of Education and Training

IBA scholarships 2008

Scholarships are available to young lawyers who wish to participate in the International Bar Association's annual conference

Picking up the pieces

Most solicitors will never be involved with the Judicial Factor or the Society's Interventions Department, but there are benefits from knowing how they operate

Summary justice on trial

The committee is watching the progress of the summary justice reforms carefully to see how well they bed in

Money laundering - the FAQs

Some advice on queries being raised with the Society relating to the new money laundering regulations

Premises licences - the Society's view

The Licensing Law Subcommittee's opinion on what boards can require of applicants

Performance guide

Some ideas on what needs to be put in place in order to develop high performing teams in law firms

Getting on the case

Interview with Stephen Moore, the solicitor who has developed the CaseCheck service for researching the law and demonstrating the user's own skills

"She stole our data in her underwear!"

Authors warn of the constant need for vigilance against data theft in a world where the possible means are multiplying

Trust and competence

Case studies and risk management points based on the experience of claims under the Master Policy in the areas of trust and executry work

So wrong, so long?

Latest criminal cases, including bail; contempt of court; sentence discounts; backdating; delay; concert

It's oh so quiet...

Despite the lack of major legislation in progress, don't assume that 2008 will be a quiet year for employment law developments

Extending adoption rights

The main points of the new adoption law, expected to come into force by the end of this year

Spirit of the law

An ongoing campaign against licensees who illegally substitute branded spirits has achieved significant progress against the practice

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Report relating to Paul Gerard Kirk

Website reviews

Review of the Office of Public Sector Information website

Book reviews

Review of Wheatley's Road Traffic Law in Scotland

Procuring procurement perfection - perhaps

Recent legislation and case law developments affecting public sector procurement practice

Repairing the standard

Legislative changes place new responsibilities on private landlords to carry out repairs and keep properties fit for human habitation

Scotland fares well in EU conveyancing survey

Scotland, along with the rest of the UK, compares favourably with most EU states as regards conveyancing services, according to a new EU survey

Borders standard missive launches

Borders solicitors have launched a standard missive, drafted by George Gretton, containing one or two innovative features