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From the archives - June 2008

No place for secrecy

Fuller version of the Opinion article, Journal, June 2008: critique of the system for appointment as Queen’s Counsel in Scotland

Shaping your future

President's message: The challenge at conference was to keep pace with change; the AGM business structures vote signals a new phase of work to make it happen

No place for secrecy

Opinion that the system for appointment as Queen's Counsel in Scotland is flawed in leaving the power of selection to one person and in being shrouded in secrecy

The future: build your own

Report of Professor Richard Susskind's keynote address to the Society's conference on the legal profession in five years' time: the best way is to invent your own future

Care - a worry?

An overview of questions that regularly arise relating to planning for possible charges under the personal care scheme

Dirty money?

A forensic accountant outlines the Crown's approach to confiscation proceedings on both sides of the border, and the role his profession can play for the defence

Ready and willing

Registers of Scotland is ready to take up the challenge, if asked, of the Register of Crofts, as it also prepares to maintain the new Register of SSSIs

Let the children come

Introducing cl@n childlaw, a new type of law centre that aims to achieve practical delivery of legal advice and access to justice for children and young people

Charging the banks

The decision in the first round of the bank charges test case brought by the OFT: who won on which point, and what happens next

Hospital pass

The importance of giving proper advice at the outset to the client in a medical negligence claim, and of taking the correct initial steps

Paper treasure

How a chance find in an executry led to an important addition to the national archives

Big business

Report of this year's AGM of the Society, which covered an unusual number of weighty matters concerning the profession, not only the ABS debate

Expenses rule relaxed

Court of Session rules on expenses have been relaxed so that an account can now seek to charge for more than one solicitor

Professional Practice Committee

A comment on the effect of the Guideline on Avoidance of Delay in Concluding Missives; and an addition to the Guidance on Form of Accounts and Taxation

Book online, and save

Introducing the Society's online payment service which launches in the summer

From the Brussels office

Updates on implementation of the directives on professional qualifications; and the official opening of the new Brussels office

Lawyer who dodged the gas chambers

Obituary of William Swienczyk Pyka, 1925-2008

Private client tax specialists can apply

Private client tax is the latest specialism for which accreditation is available from the Society

Talk of the towns

A call has gone out to solicitors in rural practices to join forces in order to attract new recruits to work outside the cities

Time to sell up?

Author tells of the issues that arose when he decided to leave the law without having done much forward planning - and his advice with the benefit of hindsight (1 of 2)

A place to make amends

Review of the myspace arbitral decision, and whether Nominet's dispute resolution procedure is suited to settling complex domain name disputes

It ain't what you say...

Whether the legal profession can learn good risk management practice from other sectors - notably oil and gas, which had to learn from the Piper Alpha disaster

When to take the stand

Latest criminal cases, including Anderson appeals; Moorov rule; separation of charges; sentencing; jury directions; public interest immunity

Townships revived

The Shucksmith Report has fulfilled its brief to think radically in proposing measures to support crofters and crofting

A paler shade of right

Royalty shares in classic hit recordings can be lost through inaction, the appeal court has ruled

Six + five = ?

Football's FIFA wants to revisit the subject of player quotas, despite the questions raised by EU law

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Iain Stuart Catto; Stuart Fraser Wilson; Alexander Ritchie Robertson

Website reviews

Review of the CaseCheck service of case summaries with links and commentaries

Book reviews

Review of Environment (Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia reissue)

In the public gaze

Author outlines the likely future shape of public sector external scrutiny in light of the government response to his review published in autumn 2007

Contested call

Author takes issue with the parliamentary committee decision that calling in the Donald Trump golf development application after the verbal decision was competent

Rules of engagement

Director of Planning Aid for Scotland emphasises the benefits to be gained from the principle of community engagement enshrined in the new planning legislation