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From the archives - January 2009

Public law in Scotland

The full address by Lord Clyde to the conference held by the Murray Stable Public Law Group on 10 November 2008 (edited version: Journal, December 2008, 18)

Harmony in conflict management

The new law on company directors' conflict of interest, and how it affects governance procedures, particularly as respects company pension schemes

Tapping Reeve and his legacy

The story of the very first law school in America, and its influence beyond its own lifetime

Busy times at 60

President's message: The Society's 60th anniversary year is shaping up to be another busy one, on many fronts

Living wills - why?

Scotland lags in legally recognising an individual's advance written refusal of medical treatment if they become terminally ill or incapax

Forward by the rights

Interview with Scottish Human Rights Commission chair Alan Miller, who sets out his vision for the new body

A cornerstone of rights

A summary of the address given by Lord Goldsmith QC, at the Society's invitation, to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration

Welcome for rejections takeup

Solicitors have responded positively to the Registers' invitation to obtain details of their firm's rejection rate for applications submitted

Sins of omission

A look at recent High Court decisions in defective representation appeals, and whether there is still a need to clarify what issues can be raised

A time to buy?

Advice on a sound private client investment strategy to provide some protection against economic storms

Parenthood reborn

The law is having increasing difficulty keeping up with medical science, and social change, even in defining who is a parent

Persons unknown

Introducing the Scottish Law Commission's proposals for reforming the law of unincorporated associations, which is currently in a mess

Front of the class

Explaining the bill to amend the perceived defects in the legislation covering children who require additional support for learning

Setting the standards

The new Standards of Conduct Practice Rules for Solicitors, with commentaries from the Society's Directors of Regulation and of Professional Practice

Client service: the standards

The paper on standards of service, adopted by the Special General Meeting of the Society in September 2008

Judicial appointments: how you can take part

The Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland is appealing for help in a study aimed at achieving the widest range of eligible applicants

ABS - the next phase

Setting the scene for the Government's consultation paper ahead of the promised Legal Profession Bill

Third parties and premature complaints

A note on Scottish Legal Complaints Commission Procedures

Planning to perform

Effective planning and objective setting, involving your office staff or team members, is a good start to countering the recession this year

Manual for the mind

Introduction to neuro-linguistic programming, said to be the secret of communication that best gets our message to the recipient

Computing on tap - or money down the drain?

Smaller firms seeking cost-effective IT solutions should look at utility computing - buying into externally hosted capacity

When resolution is not enough

If that festive drinking, or any similar problem, is still going on for you or someone you know, try giving LawCare a call

Ask Ash

A new advice column with, this month, some suggestions for a trainee with a difficult boss

Making up lost time?

Latest civil cases, including diligence on the dependence; decree by default; sanctions for late withdrawal; appeals; evictions; expenses

Don't get caught short by transfer traps

After the phased applications for initial licences under the 2005 Act, attention is turning to the equally problematic transfer provisions

Collaboration: a new dimension

Collaborative family lawyers are now working with other like-minded professionals to provide the complete support and advice package

Packed and ready

Liquidators have won an order to recover documents relating to a disposal by receivers, contemplated ahead of their formal appointment

Regulator on a roll

All Scottish charities, not just independent schools, should study the findings from the latest stage of OSCR's rolling review

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to James Joseph McGinley and Anne-Marie McGinlay; Roderick Graham Mickel

Website review

Reviews of three websites for various Commissions and Commissioners

Book reviews

Reviews of Assignation (Anderson); The End of Lawyers? (Susskind)

Medicines: the wrong cure

Author's view that a current EU interim report on the pharmaceutical industry has identified the wrong targets for action

Fraud alert! (and a cautionary tale)

Some common circumstances where lawyers acting in property transactions should be aware of possible fraud - and an actual case