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From the archives - November 2009

The equality, diversity and discrimination agenda: change and challenge ahead

What management steps may Scottish legal practices have to take in order to be seen to be properly compliant with equality, diversity and discrimination law and practice?

Justice on the green front

Lord Gill's review has the potential to improve environmental justice in Scotland

Let the light in

President's message: Suddenly, simple modern procedures are with us for sheriff court personal injury work. Just another sign of the changing times

Needs of the family

Comment that many family law practitioners have concerns about the recommendations of the Gill review

Reality on the West Bank

Letters continuing the debate from the Israeli perspective

Outside of the box

Solicitors who have opted to run a practice without an office explain what it takes, and who it might suit

Effective philanthropy

Charities, and the individuals and businesses who support them, should always be alert to the most effective ways of giving – which may include timing for tax purposes

Case for the defence

The EU is proposing a series of minimum procedural safeguards for defendants across the EU, but Scots law is well placed to comply

Taking on the system

Report of a top-level seminar held by the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow on Lord Gill's Scottish Civil Courts Review

Same rules for all?

A look at the Legal Services Bill as it will apply to practices with non-lawyer ownership, including some new regulatory rules that solicitors too might wish to adopt

The benchmark

Commentary from the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland on the results of the research into the legal profession's views and perceptions of the appointments system

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including public services reform, mental health, arbitration, file sharing and statutory interpretation

From the Brussels Office

EU update on cross border estates, and VAT carousel measures

Appreciation: David Hector MacNeill

Tribute to Oban solicitor and former procurator fiscal

Halfway to the Big Bang

Outline of the changes to legal education and training, now nearing implementation, which will impact on all solicitors

The same but different

Taking up the challenge in Richard Susskind's "The End of Lawyers?", a rural solicitor describes how his own practice went through the process of looking afresh at the services it provides

Five steps forward

How a step-by-step approach to tackling a personal problem can help you find a way forward

Ask Ash

Advice to a solicitor whose resident secretary in her new position is being less than welcoming

Preparing for disaster

The benefits of business continuity management, and some practical tips for creating an effective business continuity strategy

Rules a-changing

Latest civil cases, including diligence on the dependence; jurisdiction; reponing; expenses in family actions; small claims – and a note on recent amendments to the rules

Fair competition

Now is the time for employers to take particular care to ensure that their recruitment processes are free from bias

Time on whose side?

The changes to determination periods and appeal procedure for planning applications under the new regime

40 days and 40 nights

A recent Scottish sheriff court appeal decision provides further guidance on jurisdiction matters for divorce

Hear the grown-ups

Legal aid rules for children's hearings have been amended in an attempt to correct a human rights deficit in relation to adults with learning difficulties

Problems of transition

A recent sheriff court case has highlighted problems and uncertainties over the legislation covering the renewal of transitional guardianships to incapable adults

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Ian MacLachlan Allan; Euan Charles Chisholm; Alan Leslie Grassick

Website review

Websites of some new law centres

Book reviews

Reviews of Licensing (Scotland) Act (Cummins); and a selection of forensic science texts

Life on the other side

An in-house trainee and one from private practice who recently swapped places for three months, tell what they each gained from the experience

Never waste a good crisis

The proposed solutions to the difficulties created by the Park case on conclusion of missives are of doubtful effect, but the ARTL system is capable of being extended to meet the need