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From the archives - December 2009

Home reports have devastated the Scottish house market

A condemnation of the effect of home reports on the market - and a challenge to respond

Review of the Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation

Lord Cullen's address on the publication of his inquiry report

The Gill Review: a personal injury practitioner’s perspective

The fuller version of the Opinion article in the December 2009 Journal

A tale for our times

President's message: his favourite Christmas film has a message for the age of deregulation

A step too far?

A personal injury practitioner has serious questions whether two major proposals in the Gill Review would improve access to justice

Report card

After a year of home reports, comments from the profession suggest that the scheme's stated objectives are not being fully realised

Down the slipway

Registers of Scotland's biggest ever showcase event will officially launch both ARTL and the upgraded Registers Direct service this month

Homing instinct

The likely impact for mortgage creditors and debtors of the Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Bill

Bottle for a contest

The European law issues on which will turn the legality of the Scottish Government's proposed compulsory minimum price for alcohol

Ready for the VAT rise?

How the pending VAT increase will affect transactions that straddle the New Year, in particular the provision of legal services

New website to promote training openings

The Society is introducing a recruitment portal for traineeships and student summer placements, at no cost to advertisers

First solicitor advocates approved as "senior"

New assessment panel has approved 15 applicants as senior for legal aid purposes

Your feedback

The Society's recent online membership survey generated much positive feedback

The very definition of paralegal

The Society is now consulting further on the shape of the Registered Paralegal scheme to be introduced next year

Law reform update

Recent work of the Law Reform Department, including criminal justice; arbitration; legal services; home owner and debtor protection; tax

Lawyers can network too

The advantages of joining a business networking site such as LinkedIn, and how to use it to win work

Ask Ash

Advice to an assistant who wonders how honest they should be in their exit interview, about negative experiences involving their present boss

Welcome, user! (and you're sued)

Court actions have been raised in other jurisdictions using Facebook, where defendants have proved difficult to trace. Should Scotland catch up?

Communication, communication, communication

More effective communication could reduce significantly the incidence of negligence claims against solicitors in all areas of practice

Keeping the peace

Latest criminal cases, including breach of the peace; voice samples; disqualification; evidence on commission; finality of decisions

On the mark?

The Advocate General's opinion in the Google AdWords case has divided commentators, but will it be followed by the European Court?

Crown disclosure: the next level

COPFS has adopted encrypted pen drives for disclosing information to defence agents, but agents must first be registered as data controllers

Tackling improvements

The Land Court has clarified the approach to be adopted in considering tenants' proposed part II improvements

Camera angles

Can rules be devised to protect the integrity of sporting contests by ordering replays, or allowing TV evidence to inform refereeing decisions?

Cutting red tape in Europe

The Services Directive will assist service provision generally in the way lawyers already enjoy, but will have some impact on the profession

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Catriona MacFarlane; John James Smith

Website review

The merits of some new(ish) advocates' websites

Book reviews

Reviews of Blackstone's Employment Law Practice (ed Bowers); Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act (Shiels)

Calling the shots

Report of the keynote address by Robert Armour at this year's In-house Lawyers Group annual meeting

Sector "rising to challenge": Millar

Selected highlights from Jamie Millar's and Janet Hood's addresses to the In-house Lawyers Group annual meeting

"One size" is a dodgy fit

Argument that standard missives have their limitations and could work against clients' interests

BSA brings in standard instructions

The Building Societies Association is introducing a standard set of mortgage instructions, similar in function to the CML Handbook

A new burden is born

Does one provision in the new Scottish Climate Change Act have the ability to make much impact?