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From the archives - February 2009

Cross-border disputes: new rules

Various new European rules are now in force or due to come in

Beyond the downturn

President's message: while supporting members through the recession, the Society, like the profession, must also plan for opportunities ahead

Take a business view

Allowing ABS will mean new forms of regulation, but the Government's proposals will enable it to modernise while retaining the Society's role

Amber alert

Solicitors continue to hold conflicting views, but the Society believes the Government's proposals for reform of legal services are an opportunity

ARTL - time to reflect

As he leaves Registers of Scotland, David Preston looks at what has been achieved in the ARTL project, and the benefits going forward

Jack to the future

Interview with the Society's new Chief Executive Lorna Jack, who is set to give the Society, and the profession, a new image and new direction

Party time

Numbers of party litigants are on the increase, as are the difficulties that can result, but solutions are not obvious

Head of steam

What the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission has had to work on in its first 100 days or so

Big names for Society's big date

First details of the major "Law in Scotland" conference celebrating the Law Society of Scotland's 60th anniversary

Employment: without prejudice

The current state of the law regarding dismissal for outside activities or personal beliefs said to be incompatible with one's employment

Simple steps

Introducing the Arbitration (Scotland) Bill, which aims to restore arbitration as the forum of choice for settling commercial disputes in Scotland

Taken on credit

Recent developments affecting consumer credit-related work, for which the Society holds a group licence covering members' activities

Positive returns

Some ways to maintain staff motivation and morale in the recession, and pitfalls to avoid

Electrical storm on the horizon?

Whether the Scottish legal system is equipped to deal with electronic evidence - as the British Standards Institution launches new guidelines

What's on file?

The challenge posed by file audits and the question of how to go about them

Ask Ash

Ash's advice column is consulted by a trainee who feels they are not being given enough responsibility

New cases, old problems

Latest criminal cases, including alternative verdicts; incest and human rights; delay and human rights; and the time to bring a verdict

Fair sharing of less

Financial awards on divorce are beginning to recognise the effects of the slump in the property market

Beware - simpler rules

The abolition of the dismissal and grievance procedures from 6 April is not straightforward, and is only a part of the changes coming in then

Shifting sands

Recent decisions show the constantly changing balance in the law between the rights of the individual and those of the media

Offer you can't refuse

A new era of compulsion in relation to employee pension provision is heralded by the Pensions Act 2008

Website review

Review of sites dealing with human rights as they relate to Scotland

Book reviews

Reviews of The Scottish Children's Hearings System in Action (Kearney); The Legal System of Scotland (Manson-Smith)

Weakest link

The risks of business supply chain failure and what advisers can do to guard against them

Servitudes - new ground?

Whether the Lords' decision in Moncrieff v Jamieson has really advanced the law, or simply created fresh uncertainty