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From the archives - April 2009

Defining year

President's message: Landmark year for Society must also see the right choices made for the profession to remain fit to serve the public

At the heart of the debate

Politicians of all parties value the Society's input to the legislation and inquiries of the Scottish Parliament, as well as its regulatory work

In shape at 60

A canter through the history of the Law Society of Scotland, from its genesis between the World Wars to the current regulatory reforms

Banks doing business

Conference sponsors The Royal Bank of Scotland highlight the lending initiatives now available to smaller businesses including legal firms

To take us forward

Five prominent legal figures offer a perspective on different aspects of the solicitors' profession as they see it today

Striving after fairness

Like their counterparts today, personal injury lawyers in 1949 were living in a time of change. What will another 60 years bring?

Knowledge is protection

Knowing your customer (or client) has become essential to modern legal practice, but many firms remain unsure of what exactly is required

The changing role of the law school

Scotland's law schools must balance quality of teaching and research with the need to prepare students for legal practice in a changing world

Risk: nip it in the bud

The increasing prominence of risk in property transactions should lead solicitors to consider title insurance at an early stage

Close relations

Keeper reflects on the co-operation that has developed between Registers of Scotland and the Society since land registration was in planning

Conference keeps getting better

Law in Scotland Conference now also features the Attorney General, advice sessions with accredited specialists,and two unique exhibitions

Booming baby boomer

The rise of employment law within the last 60 years, and an attempt to predict some future trends

Channel vision

The Ofcom review wants to see diversity in public sector broadcasting, but questions remain as to how it should be funded

Variations on a theme

Respective prospects in England, Ireland and Scotland on seeking to vary a payment order made on divorce

Customer survey scores a plus

Registers of Scotland report good news on customer attitudes, and give advance notice of pending fee changes

Prepare for the upturn

Second article on the 2008 Cost of Time Survey advises that when reviewing overheads, businesses should also plan ahead for the upturn

New look Society gets go-ahead

A special meeting of the Law Society of Scotland's Council has agreed a 10 point plan for reform at the Society

Backing for "Wider Choice"

The Society's response to the Government consultation on legal profession reform supports the principles while seeking greater clarity

Private client tax specialists recognised

First applications approved under new accredited specialism

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including criminal justice, forced marriages, flexible retirement, immigration appeals

From the Brussels office

EU update on the EU private company, emission rules, and working time

Target 2010

Solicitor profession must adapt in order to survive changed market conditions, and the solution lies in collectively harnessing the internet

Questions of our times

Some recurring enquiries received by the Master Policy brokers concerning risk management issues arising from the economic climate

Ask Ash

Advice to a solicitor whose manager reacts inappropriately to her ethnic background

Breaking the chain

Latest criminal cases, including causing death by supplying drugs; duties of solicitor advocates; defective representation

What will they do next?

The Scottish Government's current paper on alcohol abuse is to be applauded at least for its determination to tackle the problem

Sins of emission

The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill introduces far-reaching powers, the exercise of which will have to be carefully monitored

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Iain Robertson; Desmond William Donoghue; Valerie Elaine McKenzie Macadam

Are we ready?

"Pre-pack" sales in administrations are now attracting much attention and comment. Are they a good or bad thing?

Website review

Reviews of online legal dictionaries

Book reviews

Review of The Pursuit of Justice (Woolf)

Duty within bounds

The implications of Mitchell v Glasgow City Council, on the liability of a public authority for the criminal acts of a third party

Change to fair

Despite the economic situation in 2009, there are opportunities in commercial property for lawyers willing to rethink basic assumptions

Home reports update

The Society is watching developments carefully and welcomes as much feedback as possible on experience to date with home reports