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From the archives - May 2009

Obama's first 100 days

Americans are responding to his message to help the country through tough times

Playing politics with the Scottish constitution

The fuller version of the article in Journal, May 2009, 22: Why the measures to limit prisoners' rights are not the best way to achieve reform

Beneficiaries are suffering from the high cost of advice

Trustees are incurring unnecessary costs in fund management and other charges

Ever forwards

President's message: leaving the Presidency after 21 months, Richard Henderson continues to urge solicitors to look and plan ahead for the opportunities that are bound to arise

Shared principles

Members of the Society of Solicitor Advocates believe that the recent judicial criticisms of the regulation of solicitor advocates are misplaced

A year of debate

Crown, defence and the independent Inspectorate contribute to a review of the summary justice reforms a year after they came into force

Ask the audience

TV show formats and associated intellectual property rights are reviewed against the making of Slumdog Millionaire

Property sales continue to fall

Latest statistics from Registers of Scotland show property sales down by more than half compared with last year, but average prices by less than 10%

Where fact makes law

New Zealand has a more all-embracing approach to cohabitants' rights than is recognised in Scotland, but the court still has to look carefully at the facts of each case

Giving up the body

University medical schools have an increasing demand for bodies left to medical science, but clients needing to offer this need to do more than simply add a sentence to their will

Playing politics with the constitution

Author argues that the Scottish Government-promoted amendment to the Scotland Act to deal with prisoner litigation is unnecessarily wide and other avenues could have been followed

Matrix evolutions

Judicial attempts to discard the "baggage" of legal interpretation of contracts, and the practical limitations of a fact-based approach

Make it happen

Interview with incoming President, Ian Smart, who brings some clear ideas about how the Law Society of Scotland and its members can advance their interests in challenging times

View from the top

Chief Executive Lorna Jack's impressions of her first few months

Retiring thoughts

Treasurer's reflections on leaving office after three turbulent years

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including criminal justice, the "Better Laws Bill" and hybrid bills

Phone a friend

The Society's Regulation Liaison Team has a support programme for all sections of the profession in adapting client care policies for the new complaints regime

Lighting the way

Introducing Pilotlight Scotland, which brings experienced professionals together to form teams to help other charities develop, and is appealing for more volunteers

Is Big Brother watching too closely?

The fight against crime and terrorism has led to newly expanded monitoring requirements on communications companies

Ask Ash

Advice to someone whose room mate tends to get up their nose

Selection, the professional way

Even in the present market, employers stand to gain much by adopting best practice especially in relation to diversity

A claims pandemic?

How effective file management can provide a potential antidote to claims and complaints

Bumper crop

Latest civil cases, including jurisdiction; recovery of documents; diligence; expenses (and caution); res judicata; remit to ordinary cause

A place in the sun?

A recent Scottish decision provides guidance on the jurisdiction provisions in the Brussels II-bis regulation governing divorce actions

Equality redefined

The Government's Equality Bill is a wide-ranging measure to introduce a common code for all forms of discrimination

Taking diligence forward

A briefing by the Accountant in Bankruptcy on the latest provisions of the Bankruptcy and Diligence etc Act to be brought into force

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Duncan Hugh Drummond; David Richard Blair Lyons; Shahid Sattar Pervez; David McLean Watt

Book reviews

Reviews of The Rule of Law (ed Neate); Adults with Incapacity Legislation (Ward); Medical Law Essentials (Earle)

Website review

Two Scottish firms (one big, one not so big) who are making the most of modern technology online