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From the archives - July 2009

Solicitor advocates: the future

Letter highlighting the risk to the availability of specialist counsel in personal injury cases and raising issues concerning solicitor advocates

For the love of it

President's message: a fairly typical, if rather unglamorous first month in office, getting to grips with presidential duties while trying to keep the practice going

Not to be denied

Children can suffer many disadvantages from the imprisonment of a parent or carer, and have a right that their interests are taken into account by the sentencing court

Ten years on

As the Scottish Parliament marks its 10th birthday, we look at what it has meant for Scots law and lawyers, and the Society's work with the Parliament and the Calman Commission

Never say never

Interview with Dr William Ury, who seeks out the world's most intractable disputes and attempts to apply his techniques of negotiation and mediation

MD becomes new Keeper

The Registers page: changes at the top; pre-registration enquiries; and Registers Direct

Whose view prevails?

Some recent developments in family law, in particular the vexed question of the intransigent parent refusing contact

Scant relief?

The new rules announced in the Budget restricting tax relief for pension contributions for high earners need careful consideration in relation to each individual's circumstances

The greater good

A discussion of some of the issues facing legal advisers and charities contemplating a merger or collaboration

Twenty out of ten

The principal changes made during the passage of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill, which now has some important additional provisions

First class

The winning student essay from the Society/Scottish Parliament joint competition: "How can lawyers in Scotland contribute to the continued success of the work of the Scottish Parliament?"

Clean break

Lawyers should make sure they take their holiday entitlement, and resist any pressure to remain in continuous contact while they are away

Ask Ash

A trainee who has been unable to secure a qualified position asks for advice

Not quite switched on

The Digital Britain final report is a wide ranging document designed to address the country's lack of capacity, but falls short of offering a convincing blueprint

Beware salary waiver tax traps

Advice for those considering salary waivers to help the business they own or work for to survive the recession

Road to recovery?

Some of the risk issues discussed at this year's Risk Management Roadshow

ASBOs: what standard?

Latest civil cases, including caution for expenses; summary decree; sist; proof in replication; appeals; commercial actions; antisocial behaviour orders; jurisdiction; vexatious litigants

Scotland the unready

It now looks as if many licensed outlets will not have the necessary premises and personal licences in place in time for the 1 September deadline

The limits of listing

Whether a structure falls within the curtilage of a listed building may be a difficult question requiring advice ahead of any planning application or acquisition

Debt traps

One year since the latest reforms to the Scots law of bankruptcy, the insolvency trade body R3 has identified a number of areas where it believes clarification is needed

Tread warily

A warning for investors that the "Cautious Managed" fund may not be what it seems

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to A C White (appeal under s 42A); John Gerard O'Donnell; David John Roberts Tod

Website review

Some leads on finding a private investigator

Book reviews

Reviews of A Guide to Mediating in Scotland (Malcolm and O'Donnell); Conflicts of Interest (Hollander and Salzedo)

Procurement remedies take shape

Draft regulations have been published to implement the EU Remedies Directive relating to public contracts

Clauses become more standard

The Combined Standard Clauses agreed by Edinburgh and Glasgow conveyancers could point the future for standard missives