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From the archives - September 2009

Internet use in the workplace: a digital dilemma?

Discussion of the recent case of Grant and Woods v Mitie Property Services (dismissal for personal use of the internet during working hours), and its potential implications for employers

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland under threat

Scottish Government wants power to abolish it or limit its independence, without saying why

Tricky choice over Liechtenstein assets

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility and the challenges and opportunities it presents

Cost and benefit

President's message: lack of resources to pay for traditional legal representation in lower value disputes places an obligation on the profession to devise alternative methods of resolution

Curators: the vital link

An unheralded proposal to end the role of curators in proofs on children's hearing grounds of referral is a dangerous backward step

Solicitor advocates: the future (part 2)

Reply to letter in July issue, arguing that the current review will cover the points raised and that the profession can have confidence in solicitor advocates

Trainee recruitment: dialogue continues

Society's reply to letter in August issue claiming that trainee recruitment must be more open

What sort of life?

With the debate on whether, and if so to what extent, we should permit assisted dying likely to intensify, views from some interested parties help set the scene

Registers page

News from Registers of Scotland on the Foundation Glasgow exhibition, the new Deputy Keeper, Registers Direct and other topics

Foot on the ladder

Three members of the Society's support team explain the ways the Society can support current or intending trainees in the present economic climate

Recovery vehicle

Second of a two-part survey of this year's Finance Act looks mainly at savings and investment, land taxes, business and employment, VAT, anti-avoidance, administration and penalties

Your say

Some key findings from the recent reader survey on the Journal, and what might result

Lawyers in their sights

A senior detective who specialises in economic crime gives an insight into why organised crime needs the help of specialist professionals, and what to do to avoid becoming a target

West Bank: a response

A retired Israeli lawyer responds to the article in the June issue on land rights in the West Bank

Fairness guide to success

Introducing a new practical guide by the Society, "Ensuring fairness, creating opportunities", on improving practice by understanding the needs of different clients and staff

Facebook debate pulls them in

Report of the event hosted by the Society at the 2009 Festival of Politics in the Scottish Parliament

Law reform update

A summary of the Society's recent work on public services reform, crofting reform, obligations and employment

Ahead of the game

With or without legislative reform, some solicitors, and others in the market, are already offering different service models which they see as the way ahead

Ask Ash

Advice to a bride-to-be, worried about whether to include work colleagues on her wedding guest list

A club you don't want to join

A recovered coronary patient, who admits he is lucky to be here writing this, advises other solicitors to heed any warning signs

Stress busters

Top 10 ideas for those who feel they are struggling to cope with pressure

Into the ether we go!

Cloud computing - what's it all about and should we care? This article attempts to answer

Breaking up is hard to do

With the avoidance of break notice claims one of the Society's risk management targets for the profession, this article takes a closer look at how to avoid come of the common pitfalls

Definitive view

Latest civil cases, including jurisdiction; sist; pleadings; interim damages; remit to sheriff court; recovery of documents; leave to appeal; party litigants; liquidation; small claims

Right that doesn't pale

The House of Lords has emphasised the nature of intellectual property as property in upholding a claim to copyright in a song written 40 years ago

Mutu point

A top sportsperson who tests positive for a doping offence may find themselves facing very substantial legal claims as well as the usual sanctions, as Adrian Mutu has found out

Once bitten, twice shy

Is an aggrieved party to a broken contract compelled to give the contract breaker an opportunity to remedy the breach?

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports relating to Tom Hay; Freelands Solicitors (s42A appeal)

Website review

Reviews of two important human rights websites that have recently relaunched

Book reviews

Reviews of Child Abuse, Child Protection and the Law (Cleland); Immigration Law and Practice (Jackson and others); Licensing and Gambling Law in Scotland (McGowan)

FSA starts to fight back

Three aspects of the Financial Services Authority's attempt to reassert its role and authority following criticism that it allowed excessive risk taking by firms prior to the credit crunch

For a good clause

How the differences between the respective standard missives previously in use in Edinburgh and Glasgow were resolved to produce the Combined Standard Clauses