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From the archives - October 2010

The Scottish Government's EU and International Law Branch

The fuller version of the article in the EU Civil Justice Supplement published with the September 2010 Journal

Akzo-Nobel: what you need to know

Some Qs and As from the Society on an initial consideration of this month's European Court judgment

The Edinburgh Declaration

Text of the Declaration adopted at The Tenth International Conference of the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

The curtailment of criminal appeals to London

A response to “Devolution issues and acts of the Lord Advocate: an informal consultation”

Society, justice and the greater good

President's message: the SGM outcome enables the Society to move forward and focus on challenges such as the spending review and the Cadder appeal

"We've aye done it this way" – not now!

Opinion comment that ARTL isn't perfect yet, but it has benefits for the profession and solicitors should take the plunge

A deal to buy in to

Employee ownership is not a fad but a serious business planning tool to secure viability and job prospects, as the round table hosted by the Journal and Co-operative Development Scotland heard

Land Register: what next?

Registers of Scotland invite responses to a public consultation; and report on a study tour visit from Uganda

Designed to appeal

As the UK Supreme Court marks its first year of operation, this feature discusses whether the new body has made a difference to the taking of appeals from the Scottish courts

Perpetrator or victim?

Child sex offenders find themselves in an anomalous legal position, and measures designed to ensure their protection can work to their prejudice in later life

An orchestra of instruments

A tour of the repertoire of protection now assembled for home owners threatened with repossession

Two by two, by two

Argument that full marriage rights should be extended to same-sex couples, and that there are no technical legal difficulties in the way of achieving this in Scotland

Added capacity

Overview of the several recent sheriff court decisions that have provided valuable guidance to practitioners dealing with guardianship of adults with incapacity

D-Day for legal aid

The Society is preparing for the outcome of the Chancellor's spending review, and the decision in the Cadder appeal, both due on the same day

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including protection of workers; patients' rights; EU Commission; consumer law; tribunal reform

Compliance and the consent regime

The Serious Organised Crime Agency provides some tips on best practice in submitting suspicious activity reports (SARs)

From the Brussels office

Recent EU developments on notaries; inheritance tax; criminal justice

Paper, pixel and process

Third article in the series looks at attempts to make email more secure and reliable, and their drawbacks, before previewing a possible alternative

Ask Ash

What can I do about long working hours when I can't afford to leave?

Draft proof

Some practical risk management tips for avoiding draftng errors

Time for a fresh look

Focus on a number of providers of cloud-based and other IT services aimed at the Scottish legal market

Where to draw the line

Latest criminal cases, including withdrawal of guilty plea; search warrants; contempt of court; breach of the peace

Reviewing the review law

A licensing board has accepted that certain provisions of the 2005 Act are open to question as not being ECHR compliant

Expensive business

There is now Scottish authority on the obligations of administrators to landlords following their grant of a licence to occupy premises

Taking the full impact

Scottish ministers are proposing to amend the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations to correct a flaw identified by a recent English case

No discrimination?

European law is well established as applying to professional sport, but one decision suggests it should also be extended to amateur participation

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to Iain Laughland Sivewright Howie; William Graham Sutherland; Ceri Williams

Website review

Review of the new Judiciary of Scotland website

Book reviews

Review of Accountability for Human Rights Atrocities in International Law (Ratner, Abrams & Bischoff)

It's not good to talk

In-house lawyers' hopes of better recognition of their professional duties by the EU competition authorities have been dashed by the ECJ's ruling in Akzo Nobel

Getting to know you

Account of a recent conference in Perth, designed to enlighten local solicitors as to the workings of the ARTL system