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From the archives - December 2010

Guidance on evidential requirements for salmon fishing titles

What the Keeper will require

The problem of drug misuse: the Portuguese alternative

Fuller version of the article in the November 2010 Journal on the Portuguese experience of decriminalising drug possession

Winter wondering

President's message: with the early onset of winter bringing a challenging year to a close, will 2011 bring better fortunes?

Targeting best value

Opinion that if Scotland is to keep its demand-led legal aid system, all concerned need to combine partnership working with some imaginative thinking

Wedded to the pact?

Two perspectives on pre-nuptial agreements and the continuing fundamental differences between Scotland and England despite the Radmacher decision

Human = people

Interview with the Chair, Alan Miller, on the work of the Scottish Human Rights Commission in its first two years

Fee changes in New Year

New fees in the Registers of Scotland come into force on 10 January 2011 under an order now signed by ministers

Choosing friends

The practice in England relating to McKenzie friends and the difference they are likely to make in Scotland when rules are fully in place

Digital death

The question of what happens to a person's social media presence after they have passed away is proving troublesome

Evolution or revolution?

Consideration of possible players in the future market for legal services in Scotland, and a move solicitors could make to grow their practices organically

Agreeing to disagree

Morag Wise QC, one of the prime movers behind the development of a new family law arbitration service, is interviewed on the subject

Commercial sense

Why arbitration should now feature as part of every commercial solicitor's duty to advise; and is the latest accredited specialism to be offered

Justice: the election target

The Society is preparing a manifesto for the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, to give justice issues a higher profile

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including EU contract law framework; victims; forced marriages; public bodies; double jeopardy

Roadshows bring in hundreds

Report on the issues discussed in the "meet the Society" events held during November

Save our system

Legal Aid Convener Oliver Adair is interviewed on the outlook in Scotland following the spending review compared with England, and the Society's work

Gill moves a step closer

The Society's Civil Justice Committee's response to the Gill review and why it differs from some proposals while offering broad support

Member benefits grow

The Society's Members' Benefit Scheme now has 25 services on offer across 10 categories covering business and personal life

Ask Ash

Our team member is weaving a web of deceit - how can I raise concerns without becoming a victim?

Social media - Trojan horse?

Some advice on preparing an employee policy covering use of social digital media

Speaking legally

Top 10 tips to help you structure and deliver compelling presentations

Setting your priorities

Approaches to establishing risk management priorities, and enabling firms to devote resources where they are most needed or will have greatest impact

Problems of definition

Latest criminal cases, including fundamental nullity; attempting to pervert the course of justice; citation; public indecency; mandatory sentences; Cadder

A fishy business

A recent Scottish case on seeking interim orders against using a former employer's confidential information or knowhow is instructive

Creating a jigsaw

The draft amendments to the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts fall short of the reforms recommended

One size fits all?

Entire agreement clauses, like many others, may have to be tailored to the particular contract in question to achieve the desired result

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to Ronald Johnston Glass; Malcolm Thomson and George Morton

Website review

Review of the Law Society of Scotland's relaunched website

Book reviews

Reviews of Computer Crime (ed Carr); Planning (Collar)

Climate change, culture change

Public bodies have new duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act from 1 January 2011, which will require some thought and planning

Default position

The Supreme Court has overruled accepted procedures by secured lenders seeking repossession, with major knock-on potential for property transactions

Contaminated land guidance revised

The Society has reconsidered its guidance to solicitors in the light of the complexity of the area and the availability of accredited specialists

New and improved

An update from the Property Standardisation Group on recent work