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From the archives - February 2010

More prejudicial than probative?

The fuller version of the January magazine article on violence risk assessment with actuarial risk assessment tools

Another age

President's message: It's time for the profession to embrace ABS, rather than attempt to turn back the clock

Resolution is the key

Opinion comment that solicitors have a key role to play in determining whether the new Scottish arbitration law results in a renaissance in arbitration work in this jurisdiction

On the record

Report on the round table discussion convened by Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion, on freedom of information in Scotland after five years in force

Chequing out

Registers page: from 1 April, direct debit will have to be used for prepaid registration fees

ABS workout

Developments in legal services reform and the progress of the bill over the past month, with two contrasting standpoints from the legal profession

Know your books

Strengthening your financial management could be critical to success as challenging times continue, is the message from the analysis of the 2009 Cost of Time Survey

Family business and business families

The opportunities for legal firms in providing advice to family businesses, as the Society investigates whether there is a gap between what is on offer and what such clients are looking for

Forum of choice?

The Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010 gives the country a cutting-edge law with which it can develop expertise as a centre for arbitration - if practitioners promote it

A right to silence?

Noise, like other environmental concerns, is increasingly being viewed as raising human rights issues. This article examines how far the development has progressed

What does it mean to be a solicitor?

How standards will be set for trainees and qualifying solicitors, supported by guidance for trainers, under the education and training reforms

Traineeships down over 25%

Statistics for numbers of trainees recruited in recent years, and advice to those currently looking for traineeships

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including summary justice, public services reform, Treaty of Lisbon, Alcohol Etc Bill, Home Owner etc Bill

From the Brussels office

The EU Parliament hearings on the incoming European Commissioners, and some of the policies that may be pursued during their term

Appreciation: Alfred Phillips

Obituary for an influential solicitor and former editor of the Journal

Appreciation: John Sinclair

Obituary for a sociable lawyer best remembered as Professor of Conveyancing and a Diploma teacher at Strathclyde University

Training for success

How risk management might be included in your annual training programme, and some training resources available to the profession

From here... to maternity

Managing maternity properly in the current unstable climate provides opportunities for long term business development

Ask Ash

A solicitor wonders how she can retain her personal style when asked to dress more professionally

The move in-house - do you have what it takes?

Sponsored column on the skills needed for in-house work, and how to find out more

Big decisions

Latest criminal cases, including right to presence of a solicitor during interview; punishment part of a life sentence; discretionary life

Balancing exercise

A high profile case in England illustrates the issues that arise when documents belonging to the other party in divorce proceedings are retained

Belief boundaries

Recent cases have tested the limits of the protection against discrimination on the ground of religious or philosophical belief

Details, details, details

The first column in a new quarterly pensions briefing highlights two cases where scheme amendments were held ineffective many years on

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to Peter Fitzpatrick; James McRae

Website review

Resources connected with the UK Supreme Court

Book reviews

Reviews of Media Law and Human Rights (Nicol, Millar & Sharland); and vols 1 and 2 of the collected articles of Paul Gilbert

Tougher regime

The UK is stepping up its efforts to combat bribery at home and abroad, and businesses need to be ready for the Bribery Bill being passed

No guarantees?

Why insolvency practitioners should feel able to grant (necessary) warrandice without fear of exposing themselves to personal liability

Title insurance for insolvency practitioners

Sponsored column by First Title

PSG update

The Property Standardisation Group reports on recent revisions to some of its documents, and on current projects