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From the archives - March 2010

When is oppression not oppression?

The late Alfie Phillips’ fight for a better deal for commercial tenants faced with irritancy, and an assessment of how the resulting reforms have served

PAYE penalties – another trap for employers

A new regime to penalise late payment of PAYE and NIC money due comes into effect on 1 April

Future on the line

President's message: the Society's current policy on ABS allows all firms to practise in the manner they choose, and that aim should be supported at the SGM

End o' anither auld sang?

Devolution jurisprudence has resulted in there being few, if any, Scottish criminal cases that cannot be appealed to the UK Supreme Court

Rights team

Interview with JUSTICE Director Roger Smith as he visited to help a group of Scots lawyers planning to launch a Scottish equivalent

House prices rising – official

Registers of Scotland figures for the final quarter of 2009 show the first year-on-year overall rise in 15 months

ABS: time to decide

Yes-no contributions on whether we should permit ownership of businesses authorised to carry out reserved legal work to be vested in non-solicitors, plus Society and Government statements

Streamlining the Inner House

The intent and main provisions of the important reforms to the Court of Session Rules on Inner House causes, about to come into force

When cash is king

Part 2 of the analysis of the 2009 Cost of Time Survey highlights the trends in cash flow and partner capital, and some techniques for effective cash management

The shape of things to come

Main points of the Scottish Law Commission's review of the Land Registration (Scotland) Act and the changes it recommends

Effective participation?

A reply to Professor Norrie questions the efficacy and human rights compatibility of the regulations covering legal representation to relevant persons in the children's hearing system

Keeping tabs on the EU

Why the Scottish Parliament's EU scrutiny function compares poorly with what takes place elsewhere in these islands, especially following the Treaty of Lisbon

How to survive and thrive - read on

Society publishes guide to forward financial planning for practitioners

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including crofting reform, tax agents, non-lawyer will writers, criminal justice, alcohol, public services, legal services

All-round support

The work of the Society's Professional Practice Department, of which the valued advice service to members is only a part

Family business initiative progresses

Next stage of the Society's joint initiative with the Scottish Family Business Association

From the Brussels office

EU update on VAT in legal aid cases, and the Services Directive

World IP Day approaches

A preview of this year's event

Going beyond 2010

Some practical steps to help legal firms analyse their situation in relation to the new market in legal services, and identify the best course of action

Need life be a pressure cooker?

The need to take work-life balance seriously, as business picks up and demands on fee earners increase

Ask Ash

Advice to a solicitor who took time off to care for her mother without telling her firm

Target practice

The case for firms setting targets for risk management performance

The essence of victim

Latest civil cases, including title to sue under the ECHR, caution for expenses, affidavits, summary cause, liquidation, child support

Moved with e-motion

The Court of Session now requires motions to be enrolled and opposed electronically wherever parties are capable of doing so

Precious words

The European Court has thrown some light on the question of registration of advertising slogans as trade marks

The future of crofting

What the Crofting Reform Bill now proposes, following abandonment of the more controversial measures previously put forward

A clash of cultures

Cross-border sporting contests are giving rise to questions as to how to apply disciplinary sanctions

If it sounds too good to be true...

A recent Court of Appeal decision takes a strong line on directors' fiduciary duties as respects pursuit of business opportunities

Website review

Review of the Scottish Legal Aid Board site

Book reviews

Review of Commercial Leases (Gerber)

Services transformed

As the umbrella term for redesigning service delivery in the public sector, transformation can cover a host of legal issues

Consumer Code for Home Builders

Introducing the new code to come into effect for all home buyer registrations signed on or after 1 April

Estate agency fixed fees: the way ahead?

A fixed estate agency fee whatever the selling price? One Edinburgh solicitor estate agent has decided that that is the way ahead