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From the archives - May 2010

Pro bono: making a difference to people's lives

Lord Advocate writes on the importance of pro bono work, ahead of the 14 May conference

Goodbye sick note

What employers need to do to comply with the new "fit note" rules

Like tears in the rain

President's message: a huge number of people deserve thanks for helping make my Presidential year a memorable experience

On level ground?

Opinion comment that pro bono costs orders as now introduced in England & Wales have the twin benefits of supporting further pro bono work and levelling the playing field for litigants

Keeping tabs on the EU

Letter in response to the article in the March Journal


The new controls, and some potential weaknesses, in the Digital Economy Act, which has caused much controversy in its attempts to limit online copyright infringement

Supporting excellence

Registers of Scotland on its sponsorship of the Scottish Legal Awards, and revised policies regarding the submission of copy certificates such as death certificates

The final roll of the dice

Report on the Society's modified policy on ABS, other proposals put forward, and the Legal Services (Scotland) Bill stage 1 debate

Death and taxes

A tax adviser highlights income tax issues that arise in executries, over which, she believes, solicitors could fall into grave error

Pick of the bunch

A new type of Journal feature presents a Who's Who of personal injury litigators in the Court of Session

Train to gain

The Society is improving the CPD framework as part of its ongoing development work on education and training, to allow a more personalised approach

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, including Legal Services Bill, Interpretation and Legislative Reform Bill, planning law, Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill, tax agents, pensions

Meeting the Deans

Report of the latest twice-yearly meeting between the Society's President and deans of local faculties

Family feeling

Report of the inaugural meeting of the Forum of Family Business Advisors

From the Brussels office

Recent EU developments on in-house lawyers; European Court of Human Rights; criminal law

Bank liaison back on track

Report of a recent meeting between the Society and representatives of the Scottish clearing banks

Resilience is the key

Some advice on how to boost your personal resilience in the work environment, to cope with difficulties relating to clients, colleagues or the general economic situation

Cast your net

With the internet now the first port of call for potential clients wondering which solicitor to consult, some advice on the (mostly free) Google resources for enhancing a firm's web presence

Outside the box

Two arbitration experts call on Scots lawyers to "think big", ahead of a forthcoming conference

Ask Ash

How can I switch off from the highly emotional situations in which some clients find themselves?

Are you... experienced?

A risk manager from Master Policy co-insurer Zurich considers the dangers of dabbling

Handover standoff

Latest civil cases, including recovery of documents; joint and several liability; caution for expenses; interest to become a party; family actions; commercial actions; time bar; conduct of litigation

Investing in dispute

Reasons for considering third party funding as an option in funding litigation, and its potential in Scotland

When Nature takes over

Where do employers and employees stand if unforeseen circumstances prevent an employee getting to work?

Spilled milk?

A survey of cases since s 28 of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 came into force

Armed with the law

The Supreme Court has considered the exclusion of war criminals from refugee status

When is a "deed" not a deed?

A recent Scottish case dealing with how changes can be made to pension schemes has implications for many schemes

Blocked in

The Commission's new Block Exemption Regulation covering vertical agreements keeps the structure of the old one but makes some important changes in the detail

Website review

Websites to help the legal explorer penetrate the depths of space

Book reviews

Review of Children's Rights in Scotland (Cleland & Sutherland)

Calling time on mora

A European case on the Public Contracts Regulations could potentially affect all judicial challenges to administrative actions

Raiders of the lost roads?

A recent case shows the need for great care in ensuring that an unbroken right of access exists to the public road network when acting in the purchase of a property