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From the archives - June 2010

Embrace "the new lawyer", mediation expert will tell conference

Interview with Dr Julie Macfarlane ahead of Core masterclass

Best practice governance for family businesses: a new dawn

New corporate governance guidelines for unlisted companies contain a number of points of interest to family business advisers

Spanning the divide

President's message: a priority for the new presidential year must be to build bridges within the profession, following the AGM votes on ABS

Action on Gill review

Letters from the Lord President and Cabinet Secretary for Justice responding to the President's call for action

A House divided?

The profession now finds itself debating what the Society's AGM decided should happen as regards ABS – but attention is also switching to the scope of the Society's role as potential regulator

Get it right first time

Some of the issues arising from the Keeper's use of a "standover" facility, and notice of steps being introduced to reduce the volume of applications "held over"

Views from the front line

Report of the Journal/CA Magazine round table on alternative business structures, featuring lawyers and accountants from different types of practice, and their regulators

Push for change

Prospects for employment law under the coalition Government, and areas of policy difference where the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are likely to have to find some compromise

"If ABSs are the answer, what's the question?"

Edited version of the keynote speech at the Society's conference on ABS, which poses challenges to those on both sides of the debate

Common cause

Interview with the Society's new President, Jamie Millar, who is determined to try and unite the profession as it tries to work out where it now stands on ABS

Shaping a new life

The purpose and main features of permanence orders, introduced under the Adoption (Scotland) Act 2007, and how they affect local authorities and children's hearings panels

Essential artl

Lloyds Banking Group has announced that use of the automated registration (artl) system will be mandatory for its panel members dealing with relevant transactions from 1 September 2010

Smart bows out at AGM

Report of President Ian Smart's final address, and other business at the Society's 2010 AGM

It's the final countdown

Key features of the Society's Registered Paralegal scheme, which comes into operation on 16 August 2010, and what those who wish to join need to do – and when

Law reform update

A note of the key bills in the Queen's speech of significance to Scotland and of interest to the Society

Ask Ash

Advice corner: I'm being cold-shouldered for inappropriate behaviour towards a client at a function. What should I do?

Here comes the rain again...

Rainmaking skills can be learned by most lawyers, but they need a bit of coaching and the right support from their firms

True or false?

A number of current and recurring questions concerning Master Policy cover and the claims experience, and some live risk management issues

Journey's end

Latest criminal cases, including warrants; jury verdicts; lewd and libidinous practices; return and recall orders; "acceptable plea" letters

Win some, lose some

Commentary on two recent Court of Session decisions, on appeal from the Scottish Land Court

Forget getting paid!

In the current economic climate, sellers should consider whether they would be able to make a retention of title clause effective

Thumbs up for Google?

The European Court's decision in the Google AdWords case departs to an extent from the opinion of the Advocate General, and opens up the prospect of further litigation in this area

A sporting result?

As in other areas, mediation is not a universal solution to sporting disputes, but it has certain particular advantages in that context

Buying into good causes

Charity commercial participator agreements can bring benefits to both sides, but there are legal requirements to bear in mind

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to John Atuahene and Richard Thomas Thorburn; Graeme Stark Herald; John Gerard O'Donnell

Website review

Websites of some of the newer law schools offering LLBs

Book reviews

Reviews of Tolley's Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide (Oates); Cross Examination in Criminal Trials (Stone)