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From the archives - March 2011

The case for full disclosure of laboratory case files

Fuller version of the opinion article in the February 2011 Journal

Why join the Scottish Family Law Association?

300-strong body increases its profile as an expert resource for public discussions

Above board

Rights of children relating to orders for their keeping in secure accommodation have been held to be ECHR compliant, but have been added to in the new Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011

Time to be counted

President's message: members have an important decision to make on whether to adopt the Society's new constitution

Taking out rejections

Advice on avoiding the most common causes of rejected applications to the Registers, and on the personal presentment service

Updating the constitution

The cases for and against the Law Society of Scotland's proposed new constitution

Every bit helps

An in-depth critique of the Gill review proposals for the civil courts has been published by the Civil Justice Advisory Group under Lord Coulsfield

Retiring the default age

The options available to employers during and after the transitional period to the abolition of the default retirement age, and the rules that will apply to retirement policies in future

Keeping a grip on cash

The second part of the report on the 2010 Cost of Time Survey explains how firms taking part have improved their position with their bank despite falling profits

Watch this space

Important changes to the rules on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments are in the pipeline, following proposals published by the European Commission

The diehards

Interviews with Scottish solicitors who live out their passion for their favourite football team by signing up as directors

Win-win ways

The Journal's latest Who's Who feature, on lawyers with a focus on resolving their clients' disputes out of court, shows strong interest in a sector with a range of tools at its disposal

"Virtual fair" opens for career options

Students considering a career as a solicitor can now research their post-graduate options online

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, featuring legal services, child maintenance, prostitution, prisons, licensing, judicial factors

Society's in-house work under scrutiny

The Society's Council and the In-house Lawyers Group have commissioned a review of the work they undertake, separately and together, to represent and support in-house members

Watching over the constitution

Interview on the Society's work on the Scotland Bill, with Michael Clancy and Christine O'Neill, two of its witnesses before the Scottish parliamentary committee

All aboard life's U-bend

As governments and researchers start to take people's sense of wellbeing seriously, what can law firms do to offset the tendency to mid-life crisis?

Ask Ash

Advice to a solicitor whose colleague has treated them unfairly since confiding them over their sexuality

Working to advantage

Practising lawyers need to pay more attention to the work-based learning opportunities that occur every day

Frauds and scams beware

The risk management article focuses on frauds and scams perpetrated on solicitors by clients and others

Lay help... official

Latest civil cases, including jurisdiction; adjudication; delay; pleadings; affidavits; Child Support Act applications; and a note on amendments to the rules

Lacuna manufacturing

A commentary on article 9 of the draft Public Services Reform (Agricultural Holdings) (Scotland) Order 2010

This time it's NOT personal

Business transfers can cause difficulties over rights relating to apparently terminated contracts

Fairness and trust

The recent decision ordering a division of trust assets as part of an order for financial provision on divorce will probably have less of an impact than some have feared

Pensions: redefining value

The imminent change affecting the uprating of public sector pensions is already having a significant impact on the valuation of some parties' assets

Sharing the spoils

A further decision on compensating an employee inventor shows the courts sensibly basing their approach on actual benefit deriving from the invention

World IP Day 2011 approaches

A preview of World Intellectual Property Day 2011

Life v reputation

Recent court decisions suggest that in sport, lifetime bans should only be used where no less onerous alternative is available

Book reviews

Reviews of Effective Criminal Defence in Europe (Cape and others); An EU-Wide Letter of Rights (Spronken)

ARTL, by degrees

Glasgow Caledonian University provided the setting for a recent exchange of solicitors' views and experiences of the ARTL system

Contaminated land - the story continues

A note on behalf of the Society's Conveyancing and Professional Practice Committees, restating the current position regarding advice on contaminated land issues