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From the archives - April 2011

Civil legal aid in the supreme courts

Why a change in the legal aid regulations is likely to result in many fewer counsel and solicitor advocates being willing to undertake civil legally aided work

Ever-eventful year

President's message: preparing for the AGM revealed how much work went on at the Society in the year under review - and it continues

Coming out - on top

Opinion column: it's time for Scottish legal firms to catch up with their counterparts south of the border in promoting respect for diversity in sexual orientation

In the awards

Registers of Scotland page: Scottish Legal Awards; specialist masterclass; Meadowbank House upgrade; eServices support hours

The price of grief

A recent upsurge in jury awards in bereavement cases may force the courts to rethink their own valuations of such cases, and parties' solicitors the forum in which they are brought

Commercially driven

A sheriff's practical tips for the uninitiated in commercial procedure, which has proved popular with regular users in the courts where it operates

Autism and the good society

The educational needs of autistic children, and recent case law on the duties of an education authority in meeting those needs

Guardians of the PIT

A follow-up to the recent Journal feature on personal injury trusts, highlighting an issue relating to trusts for incapable adults

Arbitration outreach

Origins and objectives of the Scottish Arbitration Centre, which opened its doors last month

The cloud? It's down to earth...

Special feature on outsourcing support for the legal office, focusing on a venture that adopts the latest IT to offer a platform for law firms facing the challenges of the 21st century - and some client experiences

Searching for a constitution

Report of the Society's 2011 AGM: the constitution debate; President's address; financial statement; Benevolent Fund

Complaints update: disclosing information

The Society has received counsel's opinion on disclosing privileged information during disciplinary investigations initiated by third parties

Dean waives cab rank rule in civil legal aid cases

Change in legal aid regulations results in ruling that individual advocates can decide whether to accept instructions

Law reform update

Recent work of the Society's Law Reform Department, which continues to consider numerous consultations despite the election period

The learning curve

Second article aimed at helping trainees get their careers off on the right foot, focuses on the basics of good communication - and the importance of being someone people can rely on

Legal services outsourcing: don't miss the boat

The Scottish legal profession and the wider economy has a unique, take-it-or-leave-it opportunity to create jobs and growth by keeping legal process outsourcing within Scotland

Ask Ash

Advice column: how should I relate to friendly non-legal staff when a senior partner wants to maintain a class barrier?

The right steer

The risks arising from mistakes by individuals in a practice, and how effective supervision can help manage these risks

No second chance

Latest criminal cases, including desertion pro loco; diminished responsibility; money laundering defences; discretionary life sentences

Burning a hole in the law

The new legislation threatening banning orders on anyone found selling tobacco to under-18s appears not to be as effective as was intended

Protecting the prescribed part

Courts are applying s 176A of the Insolvency Act in a pragmatic way to secure that unsecured creditors get at least some dividend where possible

Final brick in place

A summary of the changes brought about by the planning obligations and good neighbour agreements regime

Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal

Reports of cases relating to David Eric Sutherland; Brian Travers

Website review

A survey of online assistance for non-medics seeking to understand medical conditions and terminology

Book reviews

Reviews of International Private Law (Crawford & Carruthers); Criminal Evidence and Procedure: An Introduction (Brown)

Stretching the public purse

Big changes may be ahead for EU public procurement rules, in the wake of a wide ranging green paper from the European Commission

Land and the open market

Property lawyers with business clients now have to be alive to competition law issues when concluding any agreements relating to land - and assess their effects on agreements already in force

Easing the burdens?

The Property Standardisation Group has revised its dispositions creating new real burdens and servitudes

It's an ill wind...

The arrival of renewable energy has transformed the prospects of many Scottish farms and estates, but potential tax problems lie in wait unless the right form of agreement is in place