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From the archives - August 2011

Take five

Is the Hargreaves report sufficient to serve, as intended, as the blueprint to change the UK IP framework to further promote entrepreneurialism, economic growth and social and commercial innovation?

Shared concerns

President's message: issues we have to deal with are put in perspective by events in Norway

Fairness in repossession

Clarity and consistency are needed over liability for costs of repossession proceedings in the wake of RBS v Wilson

The price of freedom

Is the press effectively regulated at present, and what needs to change? Lawyer and non-lawyer media commentators offer their views

Next month: your new look Journal

From the September issue, the Journal and Journal Online will have a new design and will work harder together as a package for readers

A tale of two cities

Registers of Scotland's exhibition "Foundation Glasgow" has found a permanent home in the city, where it is now on display

Ready money

Significant changes designed to reduce delays in payment under construction contracts will shortly come into force

The longest arm of the law

Investment advisers beware - recent American legislation has potential global reach and could seriously damage your clients' wealth

Return to normality?

First of two articles on this year's Budget and Finance Act, looking at the impact on personal taxation of the deficit reduction strategy

Ghost of decree past

How failure to regularise a change in 1997 of financial payments post-divorce recently gave rise to some tricky problems

Shaping the world order

International law has an increasingly important role at a national level, one in which domestic courts have a part to play

Bright lights

The Journal's first feature on potential future stars of the Scottish profession shows a variety of entries from a spectrum of legal practices

"One Profession" comes together

The Society's "Law in Scotland" conference has streams for all sectors of the profession while highlighting its shared values

From the Brussels office

Recent developments in the EU on a new venture capital initiative

Ask Ash

Advice column: am I overreacting if I want to take steps against a colleague who invades my personal space?

Give it a push start

Many firms remain too inward-looking and need to refocus on the opportunities, and threats, that will emerge as the economy picks up

Up to the job?

Employment tribunal claims have to be brought within a short timescale, and miscalculation regularly gives rise to Master Policy claims

Spotlight on fairness

Latest criminal cases, including bail considerations; extrajudicial admissions; orders for lifelong restriction; withdrawal of guilty plea

Human rights abroad

Why the Strasbourg court upheld a case against the UK arising out of its occupation of Iraqi territory

Heightened AWaReness

The much-discussed Agency Workers Regulations come into force on 1 October: what rights do they in fact confer?

My late father

Parenthood has been awarded to a deceased father in a case that highlights difficulties with the law on surrogacy

Getting closure

Closing a defined benefit pension scheme to future accrual can be complex and not without difficulties

Website review

The website review bows out with the author's personal favourites in the Scottish legal world

Book reviews

Reviews of Thinking Differently (ed Lee); Extradition Handbook (Jones & Davidson); International Criminal Tribunals (Darcy & Powderly); People Smuggling (Ventrella)

Clearer view

In the four years since the Crerar review of the oversight of public services was published, significant progress has been made in giving effect to it

Rules of engagement

Incidents are increasing of business property becoming the focus of protest action. What can be done if illegal activities ensue?