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From the archives - December 2012

Barriers to sibling contact

The legal obstacles to separated siblings seeking contact with each other: something for the Scottish Government to act on as part of the promised bill on children’s rights

Legal rights, second families and siblingship

The emergence of a legal rights claim from an unexpected source can cause serious difficulties for executry practitioners and their clients. What steps might one take?

"I'm a chicklet and I live in a hatchery"

One lawyer's experience in setting up an online legal services business through the “E-Spark” scheme to support entrepreneurs

And our survey says...

The results of, and some thoughts prompted by, the survey of In-house Lawyers Group members ahead of this year’s annual conference, as seen by the ILG vice chair

No overtaking?

An Inner House decision prompts a discussion of the duties that may be owed by a driver being overtaken

Reading for pleasure

This month's selection of leisure reading chosen by the Journal's Book Review Editor

Opinion column: Martin Morrow

The Scottish Government is calculating that solicitors will learn to live with the reduced income following the legal aid changes. Is there anything the profession or the Society can do?

Council profile

This month's Law Society of Scotland Council member profile: Christopher Fraser (non-solicitor member)

Book reviews

Reviews of Discrimination (Rubenstein); Misuse of Drugs and Drug Trafficking Offences (Fortson)

President's column

Lawyers have never staged a protest like they did over the Government's legal aid proposals, but I was proud to join them at the Parliament

2012: new starts, and challenges

Registers of Scotland page: the past year has seen some significant developments for Registers of Scotland, in the wake of new legislation

Independence before the law

A look at some of the controversial questions as to where Scotland would stand legally, post-independence, and how they might be resolved

Who do you think they are?

An important recent decision, while rejecting a claim based on breach of solicitors' implied warranty of authority, illustrates again the importance of knowing your client

The expert approach

A special feature looking at some current issues concerning expert witnesses, and the influence of cross border developments

Is all publicity good publicity?

The ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung has produced useful guidance from the Court of Appeal on when a company may be ordered to publicise an IP judgment against it

Turning point?

This year's Journal employment survey reveals some hope of better things to come, after a difficult year with many people in or close to some serious business restructuring

Young and guilty

Latest criminal cases, including youth crime and sentencing; football banning orders; delay

Doubly secure

Two recent developments in company law, concerning security registration and limited company status

Forced marriage: an update

Some issues arising under the Forced Marriage Act, in the light of the first cases brought under the Act

New age, new image

Social media are revolutionising how sport projects its image - bringing a new set of legal responsibilities

A security loophole

An update on land and agricultural law reviews currently underway, and a case that appears to have found a way round farming security of tenure

Quit while you're ahead

Interview with Janet Hood and Colin Anderson, retiring from office in the In-house Lawyers Group, about the changed status of the Group, and its members, during their time

When threats are enough

The UK Supreme Court has decided on a practical solution to a hitherto unresolved question regarding the law of warrandice

Practice ground

Interview with Bruce Ritchie and Coral Riddell, retiring and successor heads of the Society's Professional Practice Department, on how the team is changing

Mergers: keeping people onside

With law firm mergers currently rife, many staff are having to adjust to a new working environment. How can the process be made as painless as possible?

Law reform roundup

Recent work of the Law Reform Department, including on criminal legal aid, self-directed support, drink driving, adults with incapacity, Scotland Act, partnerships

Ask Ash

Advice column: should I admit that I have been diagnosed for clinical depression?

PI Guidelines: new edition

The full note introducing the 11th edition of the Guidelines for Assessment of General Damages

Business radar

Responding to those "left field" events: coping with a bank that becomes a bit "difficult"